How Data Drives Aspen Group's Church Design Blog Feature

By: Ed Bahler on June 16, 2016

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How Data Drives Aspen Group's Church Design

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Aspen Group’s mission is to create space for ministry impact. To do so we must know more than how to design great space and build low maintenance facilities. To create impactful ministry space, we need to understand the dynamic intersection of culture, ministry, leadership and facilities.

The Cornerstone Knowledge Network

In 2004, Aspen Group founded the Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN) with other ministry-minded church professionals who felt responsible to do more than just give leadership teams what they think they want. Our passion is to bring grounded insight that help churches discover what they really need in light of their surrounding culture, ministry strategies, leadership passions, and current facilities.

Making Space for Millennials

In 2014, Aspen Group sponsored the CKN/Barna Making Space for Millennials study. We’re committed to invest with trusted partners like Barna Group because of their deep immersion in understanding the cultural trends that set this generation apart and how those trends are challenging ministry teams.

These shifting trends create complex challenges in capturing the hearts, minds, and souls of Millennials. As David Kinnaman’s extensive research and writing on Millennials shows, we’ve all but lost this generation of young adults, and the fallout of this mass exodus will have far-reaching, long-term consequences for all of us as well as for the country at large.

Aspen Group invests in grounded research with trusted professionals to discover what factors, such as ministry strategies, leadership passions, and facility design, enhance Kingdom impact. It’s the alignment of these four factors—culture, ministry, leadership, and facilities—that positions a church for radical ministry impact.
At Aspen, we’re investing continually to empower our team of Project Developers and Architects to provoke clear thinking with hard questions and facilitate deeply rooted conversation that ensures a church's final design will equip ministry teams for radical Kingdom impact. Your church and our country’s future depends on it.

The Multiplication Movement

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At the 2016 Alignment Conference, David Kinnaman, the President of Barna Group, will return to reveal yet another joint research project this time focusing on multiplication. This new study, sponsored by Aspen GroupFishhook, and Exponential, takes a fresh look at how churches are wrestling with new methods and models for multisites, church plants, and other innovative means to reach deeper and deeper into their diverse communities.

As we walk with a church to discover its unique heartbeat for God’s people—its core values and DNA—we use research like Making Space for Millennials and the forthcoming Multiplication Movement study to provoke the right questions and facilitate the deeper conversations to ensure that ministry leaders have been as rigorous as possible to fully grasp God’s vision. Only then can the deeper collaboration take place that is necessary to craft truly unique and compelling space that drives radical Kingdom impact.

We’re privileged to join you on your journey of discovering God’s big vision for your ministry. Stop, take a moment now to register you and your church leadership team to attend this year’s Alignment Conference. You’ll come away with more challenging questions and deeper conversations that open your mind to fresh opportunities, answers and impact. There’s so much riding on our ability to successfully navigate these shifting trends and complex challenges.


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Discover Findings From New Barna Study at the 2016 Alignment Conference