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Jenny Davis

By: Jenny Davis on May 12, 2022

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How Our Construction Teams Stay Connected, Supported, and Safe on the Job Site

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Each year, Aspen celebrates Safety Week on our job sites. This gives our construction teams the opportunity to learn, support each other, and get connected through a series of learning topics, demonstrations, and fun events! Safety is a critical component for the wellbeing of our teams and clients, as well as the success of our church projects, not only during these special events, but year-round.

This year’s Safety Week theme was “Connected. Supported. Safe.” Our teams had daily discussions, demonstrations, and activities that focused on the following five topics, reinforcing our commitment to safety on the job site.

1. Remaining Connected

At Aspen Group, being connected with our co-workers, sub-contractors, clients, and community is a priority. Building trusting relationships allows us to be open and honest about what’s going well and what’s not. And that trust and connection helps a culture of safety thrive.


2. Being Supported

It can feel hard to speak up when we see a potential risk or unsafe situation. People in all roles can play a part in building a culture of safety if we feel supported and comfortable in speaking up. Another way we can support each other is by caring for each other and providing support and concern if we see a colleague or crew member suffering from anxiety, depression, or a tough personal situation.



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Our construction team at Bridges Christian Church in Russell, Kentucky gather for Safety Week,
with special give-aways, breakfast, and lunch.

3. Staying Safe

Safety Week is the time to fill our safety “gas tanks” by giving us tools and new perspectives on safety. Raising awareness regularly helps ourselves and our teammates to be constantly aware of potentially hazardous conditions and to adhere to safety protocols. Policies surrounding PPE, fall protection, and confined space are the building blocks of a strong safety culture.



Our construction team at Covenant UMC, in Port Orange, Florida gather for Safety Week.

4. Ongoing Learning

At Aspen Group, “Always Learn” is one of our 5 Core Values. We desire to seek innovative solutions, learn all we can, and grow from our mistakes. Sharing lessons learned or streamlining a task to make it safer will allow us to continually learn.


5. Showing Gratitude

Having a gracious and thankful attitude toward our teammates, subcontractors, and clients goes a long way to convey care, support, and to build trust. Throughout the year and especially during Safety Week, Aspen Group tries to go above and beyond to show gratitude to our partners. Some ways we do that is providing onsite lunches, give-aways, and raffles at our construction job sites.

Leading with humility and standing up for what’s right shows everyone that we’re partners in safety and that we're in this together!



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Thank you so much to our Aspen project teams, superintendents, contractors, coworkers, and church clients for being dedicated to keeping our construction projects safe, and for promoting a culture of physical and emotional wellbeing for everyone who steps foot onto our job sites!


About Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis is Project Accounting & Administration Manager at Aspen Group, and has been with the company for over a decade. She learned about Aspen after her church completed a building project and decided to apply for a position. Jenny’s favorite part about working at Aspen is sharing her ideas, developing a plan of action, and observing the positive changes that take place. Outside of the office Jenny loves spending time with her husband, Luke, and cooking and baking with their daughter Jolee.