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Leah Norton

By: Leah Norton on September 08, 2015

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How to Consistently Tell Your Church's Story

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Last night on the soccer field, my 12-year-old received her first yellow card (a warning call given after aggressive behavior), and she had to leave the field. The call was questionable, but our daughter responded with respect and humility. And she quickly regrouped. I was proud to see her excelling at this life lesson.

So that’s what was happening on the soccer field.

In the stands, my husband and I were all worked up. Mama Bear (that’d be me) wanted to run down, hug her, and let the ref know how ridiculous his call was. And my husband, who is typically even-keeled and mild mannered, was ready to throw a punch.

As we were taking it all in and determining what our response would be, I was aware that others around us were watching to see what we would do and say in the heat of this parenting moment.

One word came to my mind: consistency. “Be consistent” is what my mind was saying again and again.

As a Christ follower, I want to be the same person—with the same vision, focus, attitudes, and behavior—no matter where I am and what I’m doing. From my work to my home to the grocery store to the soccer field, I want to be consistent, regularly striving to be like Christ in all I think, say, and do.

Our churches are the same. This focus on consistency applies again and again. Who are you? What is your church all about? And how do you communicate about that vision and live it out?

Are you communicating and living out who you are as a church in a consistent way? What do your website and online presence say? What do your church facility and grounds say? What do your communications in worship services, events and outreach into the community say?

It’s critical to be consistent. To tell your story and live out your brand and values again and again in every situation.


About Leah Norton

Leah Norton is Managing Partner at Fishhook, based out of Indianapolis, IN. Fishhook is a communications team called to work with and encourage churches and ministries to help them communicate in clear, compelling and intentional ways. Leah has been helping to lead the team at Fishhook since 2005. Leah loves the local church and it shows when she, her husband and two teenage daughters are worshiping and serving together at their own church. Leah serves in the Guest Services area at her church and especially loves welcoming first-time guests and helping them get connected.