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By: Aspen Group on September 30, 2014

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How to Tap Outside Resources to Stretch Ministry Dollars

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Every church operates on a finite supply of resources. Your funds are limited. Your materials are limited. Your people are limited.

And such was the case at Wheatland Salem UMC.

Their church—which serves 1400 members and includes 67,000 square feet of space across two worship centers—also runs on limited resources, and they wanted their most valuable resource—their people—focused on ministry.

According to Dave Meich, the church’s director of administration, “If I had to take the resources I use to run my ministry and funnel them over to operating the building, my ministry would suffer. We have to utilize our resources the best ways, as good stewards. Those resources are our people and the money that our congregation gives to use to be able to run this facility.”

So in 2009, Wheatland Salem took a new approach to spending for building maintenance. Rather than tapping its people for facility management assistance, the church engaged Joe LaPaglia, president of Aspen VIP, to manage all the facility operations on its campuses. Wheatland Salem leveraged Aspen VIP’s years of church operations experience and saved thousands of dollars on its cleaning contracts, maintenance contracts, and cleaning supplies.

Find out more about Wheatland Salem’s story via the video above.