How to Unite Multiple Generations at Church Blog Feature
Marian V. Liautaud

By: Marian V. Liautaud on January 07, 2016

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How to Unite Multiple Generations at Church

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watch-jessica-stollings-building-a-multigenerational-ministry-video-seriesChurch is one of the few places in America where all generations intersect at the same time for the same purpose—to experience God and grow in our faith. But children experience God differently than young adults. And young adults often sound like they’re speaking a foreign language to older adults. Communication across generational lines is a major barrier in all facets of American life, including at church.

In a new Aspen video series, Jessica Stollings, founder of ReGenerations, an organization devoted to helping companies and ministries bridge generational divides, shares her insights on how to build a multigenerational ministry at church. In it, she highlights the unique characteristics of each generation. Understanding generational differences is the first step toward uniting all ages. She also offers practical ways to create meaningful ministries that leverage the strengths of every generation in your church.

Watch her presentation with your church leadership team and see how you can unite the generations at your church more effectively.


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