Honoring Cogun for Creating ‘Life Change Per Square Foot’ for 45 Years Blog Feature

By: Kyle Rozendaal on August 04, 2015

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Honoring Cogun for Creating ‘Life Change Per Square Foot’ for 45 Years

Church Design

Since 1970, Cogun, a co-founding partner with Aspen Group of the Cornerstone Knowledge Network, was in the business of helping churches create space to better facilitate worship and ministry. Over the course of the past 45 years, Cogun completed nearly 690 projects, representing three quarters of a billion square feet of ministry space, and consulted with nearly 2,000 building committees.

In June 2015, Cogun made the difficult decision to close its doors. “We feel a sense of deep sadness as we mark the end of a productive, enriching era with our friends at Cogun,” says Aspen president, Brad Eisenmann. “We also celebrate with them as they mark 45 years of building churches. Cogun’s longevity is a testament to the godly mission and vision they pursued.”

Though Cogun and Aspen competed as church builders, former Cogun CEO Bill Couchenour and Aspen CEO Ed Bahler resonated with each other’s desire to build better churches that created an environment for effective ministry. In 2003, the two companies joined forces to co-found the Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN), a research-focused enterprise to foster ongoing learning for ministry professionals. The CKN has published several research projects to explore the intersection of culture, leadership, ministry, and facilities. These four factors became the tenets of Alignment, a concept that Aspen continues to teach and promote through its annual Alignment Conference.

Most recently, the CKN partnered with Barna Group to publish Making Space for Millennials, a groundbreaking study focused on understanding how today’s young adults respond to various types of church architecture.

“It has been a deep honor to partner with Cogun and to grow as friends over the past decade,” says Ed Bahler. “Though I’ll miss interacting with Cogun as business allies, I’m grateful and excited for our ongoing work with Bill [Couchenour] as part of the CKN.”

Cogun’s mission was to create “life change per square foot.” This company was in the business of creating space as a tool for the redemption and restoration of the human condition—something that far outlasts bricks and mortar.

Though we’re sad to end a chapter of our relationship with Cogun as a ministry partner, its mission will continue to inspire us in the years to come.

If you’ve been touched by Cogun’s ministry, be sure to visit their Facebook Page to share what they’ve meant to you.