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Questions to Ask Before You Relaunch 4 Key Ministries in Your Church Blog Feature
Marian V. Liautaud

By: Marian V. Liautaud on July 16, 2020

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Questions to Ask Before You Relaunch 4 Key Ministries in Your Church

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Most churches have learned how to use digital tools to continue to share the gospel and help people find an anchor in this storm. Week by week, churches have become more adept at producing online worship services and conducting small groups and children’s ministry via social media and video platforms. Now, the urgency of trying to figure out how to shepherd congregations virtually is giving way to a new question—what shape will ministry programs take in light of all we’re learning during this pandemic?


Dive into the questions you should be asking before relaunching your church ministries. 

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Reimagining Your Ministries

Relaunching your church within our COVID-19 reality will require vision and an ability to navigate long-term, strategic change while implementing short-term solutions for gathering together as a church. Asking curious questions is always the best place to start when imagining a new future. That’s why we developed our new resource, “Relaunching 4 Key Ministry Areas in Your Church.”relaunching-four-key-ministry-areas-in-your-church-cover

This free downloadable PDF features an expanded series of ministry questions for senior pastors and key ministry leaders and is designed to help you:

      • Assess your ministry programming—what will you start, stop, and continue in your next season of ministry?
      • Reflect on four key ministry areas and determine how to move forward into a new reality of digital and physical gatherings
      • Reset your vision for how your church will achieve ministry impact in a post-COVID reality

What's Next for Frontline Leaders?

The pace of change during the pandemic has created an even stronger need for bold leadership in the church. Soon after COVID-19 hit the U.S., we created resources and webinars to help equip leaders for the road ahead. Our “What’s Next: Relaunching Ministries” three-part webinar series focuses on three critical areas in the church—Children’s Ministry (featuring Orange Kids Specialist Missy Purcell), Worship (featuring creative arts leaders Jeff Boriss and Eric Bramlett), and Community Outreach (featuring a panel of pastors who are discovering new ways of doing outreach ministry). We want you to be equipped to lead your church into a bold, new future.

Additionally, on Mondays at 1 pm CDT, we host a short Facebook Live session called, Equipping Frontline Leaders. Each week this fast-paced conversation features a ministry expert and focuses on one aspect of relaunching church in our COVID-19 reality.




Leaders have a range of online learning opportunities available each day. We’re striving to make our events a valuable investment of your time so that you’re equipped to relaunch church stronger than ever as you navigate your church through this pandemic.

We hope to see you soon!


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