Thankful For Something Bigger Than Us Blog Feature

By: Ed Bahler on November 24, 2010

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Thankful For Something Bigger Than Us

Pastor Erwin McManus believes that all of us were created with divine potential to accomplish something bigger than ourselves. He challenges us to dream big and live large. In the quiet corners of our hearts we all sense we are called to do so. And some of the greatest joys in life come from fulfilling our potential with people and for people we enjoy.

That is what’s so special about our journey here at Aspen. We have the opportunity to accomplish a mission that is bigger than us. We have the privilege to pursue it with teammates we respect and enjoy. And, we have the blessing of doing it for people and churches we admire. Churches that are committed to transform lives and communities. We can and are making a difference.Thank you

The Thanksgiving season often begins with thankfulness for our faith and hope, our families and friends, and our health. But this thanksgiving season I am especially thankful for the unique and special blessing of making a difference with people I respect and for people I admire. Will you join me?