Is Your Church Really Impacting Your Community? Blog Feature
Marian V. Liautaud

By: Marian V. Liautaud on September 12, 2018

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Is Your Church Really Impacting Your Community?

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On Tuesday, October 16, Aspen Group will host its annual Alignment Conference at Community Christian Church in Plainfield, Illinois. This year’s one-day learning experience for senior pastors, executive pastors, and key ministry leaders will focus on “Building Your Church for Community Impact.”

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We’ll help you evaluate whether or not you’re maximizing your built space for the good of your community, and leave you with practical ways to create ministry space for community impact.

This year’s main stage will feature some of the church’s most trusted voices on culture, leadership, ministry, and facilities, including:

Breakout sessions will cover a range of practical topics, such as:

  • How to develop a facility strategy for community impact
  • Ways to make temporary space feel permanent
  • How to design ministry space to accelerate the discipleship journey
  • How to cultivate leaders who have a heart for local outreach and are equipped to reach your community

Along with a day’s worth of excellent teaching, you’ll have time to digest your learning among your teammates and other ministry peers you meet during breakfast, lunch, and breaks (all included with the price of admission).

If your church is wrestling with questions about how to gain influence in your local community and how to reach people in your neighborhood, don’t miss 2018 Alignment. Register today for great individual and group rates!


About Marian V. Liautaud

Marian served as Aspen's Director of Marketing from 2014 to 2021, sharing stories about how Aspen designs, builds, and furnishes space for ministry impact.