Making Space: Rethinking Church Building Design—
A Forthcoming Research Project from Aspen Group and Barna

We believe that architectural design affects behavior. Behaviors become habits. Habits form us.

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Making Space for Faith Formation

More About The Aspen/Barna Project Releasing Later This Year:

Surveying the state of the church in America right now, we see that although we have been missional and activist, many Christian leaders have highlighted a lack of deep discipleship in churches today. This observation led us to engage in a multi-year study with Barna Group, looking at various aspects of how physical space impacts discipleship—a study we’re calling Making Space: Rethinking Church Building Design.

In this forthcoming project, we’re seeking to provoke a conversation that is often overlooked:

  • How do spaces impact the formation of our desires, priorities, practices, and engagement in the world?
  • How do design choices impact spiritual growth?
  • Does our utilitarian approach to physical space lead to a more impoverished spirituality within our churches?
  • How can churches reimagine the physical world in order to address our pressing spiritual needs?

Making Space Articles

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