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This podcast comes out of a decade’s long partnership between Aspen Group and Barna. In this series, hosts Benjamin Windle and Jay Kim will be focusing on the impact that physical spaces have on the way people are formed and shaped as they experience Jesus, engage with the church, and interact with others in community.

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Trailer: Introducing the Making Space Podcast

In this first season of the Making Space Podcast, hosts Jay Kim and Benjamin Windle will unpack the Barna and Aspen Group research, Making Space for Inspiration. They’ll sit down with various leaders and thinkers to discuss how nature affects our spiritual lives, the value of historic buildings in our digital era, what the church can learn from the design of retail spaces, and they'll offer some key takeaways for your ministry.




Episode 1: Ashley Ekmay and Elena Forsythe on Rediscovering Embodied Community Within the Church

Ashley Ekmay, from Barna, and Elena Forsythe, from Aspen Group, share insights on how their teams collaborated on the first volume of the Making Space research project, Making Space for Inspiration, which dives into the way church and other spaces form and shape us as we experience Jesus and engage with others in community. They'll discuss the concepts of transcendence, comfort, how we bring our emotions into a space, and what it means for a space to be personal. They’ll share insights on how space affects us physically, emotionally, and how it influences our spiritual lives.



Episode 2: Tish Harrison Warren on Spiritual Formation and the Shaping Power of Spaces

In this episode of the Making Space Podcast, hosts Benjamin Windle and Jay Kim will talk with priest and award-winning author of Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life, Tish Harrison Warren. They’ll discuss the threads of connection between spiritual formation and the built environment.



Episode 3: Daniel Grothe on The Church as Home and Why Rootedness Matters More than Ever

Daniel Grothe, Associate Senior Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, and author of The Power of Place: Choosing Stability in a Rootless Age, talks with hosts Jay Kim and Benjamin Windle about how the sense of connectedness to a place forms and shapes us, and can impact our spiritual formation.




Episode 4: Darryl Answer on Breaking Down the Walls Between Church and Community

Darryl Answer, founding and lead pastor of New Community Church in Kansas City, MO, talks with hosts Jay Kim and Benjamin Windle about innovative ways his congregation has approached physical church and caring for the community.





Episode 5: A.J. Swoboda and Sara Joy Proppe on Designing Nature into Your Spaces of Worship

In this episode of the Making Space Podcast, hosts Jay Kim and Benjamin Windle talk with author and Assistant Professor of Bible Theology and World Christianity at Bushnell University, Dr. A.J. Swoboda, and Sara Joy Proppe, a Placemaking Consultant and founder of Proximity Project. They discuss how the transcendence of nature and creation translates to the design of our church spaces and how we can incorporate the outdoor world as part of the physical church experience.

Key Questions to Prepare for a Fresh Start in Your Ministry Space

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